Free LGBTQ+ Reading Discussion Guides for THE REAL RILEY MAYES

resources for teachers

Have you read THE REAL RILEY MAYES? Are you a big fan of secret codes, parallel cat universes, and dude-ish girls who act out humorous death scenes? Do you love graphic novels for kids with humor and heart? Do you want to discuss LGBTQ+ books with a group of kid-readers, but don’t know how to go about it best? The fine folks at HarperCollins made a free downlaodable reading guide that’s perfect for you!

Discuss important topics like:

  • changes that help you feel like the real you
  • creativity and making art with others
  • awkward crush feelings
  • being a child of LGBTQ+ parents
  • what your future might be like if you come out as LGBTQ+
  • how it feels when information about LGBTQ+ issues is hidden from you
  • what grownups don’t understand about bullying

There’s also ideas for fun activities:

  • make a comic about a best-day-ever
  • make a comic about a fictional universe
  • make a comic about yourself going on adventures with a favorite celebrity

Preview or download and print the free reading guide below. There’s also two pages about why and how to read LGBTQIA books for kids, and discussion guides for other LGBTQIA+ middle grade books- Small Town Pride, Fight + Flight, The Civil War of Amos Abernathy, Nikhil Out Loud, and You Only Live Once David Bravo. This discussion guide is also available at HarperCollins here.

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